General Education (GE) Program

The General Education (GE) Program forms the foundation on which the specialized studies of the major are based, as general education studies introduce the student to some of the key issues, concepts, and perspectives of the disciplines of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and quantitative thought and are intended to help students develop analytical, organizational, oral, writing, interpersonal, and research skills.

The GE program is designed to ensure the following student learning outcomes:

  • SLO #1: Students will be aware of global history and diversity
  • SLO #2: Students will develop a sense of responsible citizenship.
  • SLO #3: Students will communicate effectively.
  • SLO #4: Students should be able to draw from a variety of disciplines to arrive at coherent, educated opinions.
  • SLO #5: Students will think critically and analytically.
  • SLO#6: Students will effectively engage in creative thinking.

The tables below summarize the general education requirements for the completion of bachelor’s degrees at Lindenwood. The courses listed in the tables have been approved by the University; however, before completing the GE requirements, students must compare the courses listed below against the particular GE requirements of their respective schools or departments, as some programs require a particular course for the completion of the general education requirements, and other schools or departments have narrowed the list of GE-approved courses within specific majors. Please check the catalog for major-specific direction regarding general education requirements. Unless otherwise specified, students will complete the GE requirements outlined in each section.