Business Administration, BA

72 credit hours in major


A degree in business administration requires the completion of the following courses:

Core business and GE business courses (48 credit hours)


GE Requirements for Bachelor of Arts

General Education Business Requirements

Core Business Requirements

Required Major Course

MGMT 36043Principles of Operations Management


Elective requirement

Seven elective major courses (21 credit hours), selected from any business course at or above the 30000 level, including no more than one Special Topics and/or Internship course. Students pursuing an emphasis area will complete 12 credit hours of elective coursework from within one business discipline.

Notes: (1) Students pursuing the BA in Business Administration online may opt to complete all elective coursework online by completing the following seven elective courses:

MRKT 35050 Selling
FIN 32020 Investments 1
ENTR 37510 Small Business and Entrepreneurship
ACCT 41070 Financial Statement Analysis
INTL 48010 International Marketing
MGMT 36081 Career Development
MGMT 36042 Supply Chain Management 

(2) Alternatively, students pursuing the online degree in business administration (particularly those who wish to complete an emphasis area) may instead opt to select a combination of any seven online and traditionally offered business elective courses at or above the 30000-level in order to complete the degree. No more than one special topics and/or internship course may be used to fulfill the elective requirement.