School of Arts, Media, and Communications

Joseph Alsobrook, EdD, Dean


The School of Arts, Media, and Communications strives to advance the mission of Lindenwood University by offering high-quality academic programs to develop visual and performing artists, designers, and communicators. These programs are designed to attract diverse and talented students, stimulate active student engagement, and prepare students for professional achievement and lifelong learning.

The School of Arts, Media, and Communications is comprised of the following programs and offers the following degrees and minors in each:

Art and Design Program

  • Art History, BA
  • Art History, BA Pre-Art Conservation Emphasis
  • Digital Art, BA
  • Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, BS
  • Graphic Design, BA and BFA
  • Social Media and Digital Content Strategy, BS
  • Art History Minor
  • Digital Photography Minor
  • Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship Minor
  • Fashion Design Minor
  • Graphic Design Minor
  • Philosophy and the Arts Minor
  • Social Media and Digital Content Strategy Minor
  • Studio Art Minor
  • Graphic Design Certificate
  • Social Media and Digital Content Strategy Certificate

Advertising and Strategic Communications Program

  • Advertising and Strategic Communications, BA
  • Advertising and Strategic Communications Minor
  • Public Relations Minor

Cinema Arts Program

  • Cinema Arts, BA and BFA
  • Cinema Arts Minor

Dance Program

  • Dance, BA and BFA
  • Dance Minor

Digital and Web Design Program

  • Digital and Web Design, BA
  • Digital and Web Design Minor
  • Game Design, BA
  • Game Design Minor
  • Web Design Certificate

Journalism Program

  • Journalism, BA
  • Journalism Minor
  • Broadcast News Minor

Mass Communications Program

  • Broadcast Communications, BA
  • Media Management, BA
  • Broadcast Communications Minor
  • Media Literacy Minor
  • Professional Communications Certificate

Music Program

  • Music, BA
  • Music, BA with Minor in Education (K-12 Instrumental Certification)

  • Music, BA with Minor in Education (K-12 Vocal/Choral Certification)

  • Music Performance, BA Instrumental or Vocal

  • Music Business, BA
  • Jazz and Contemporary Music Minor
  • Music Minor

Theatre Program

  • Acting, BFA
  • Directing, BFA
  • Musical Theatre, BFA
  • Stage Management, BFA
  • Technical Theatre/Design, BFA
  • Theatre, BA
  • Theatre, BA with Minor in Education (9-12 Speech/Theatre Certification)
  • Musical Theatre Minor
  • Theatre Minor