School Administration, EdS

30-33 credit hours

30 credit hours curriculum

3 credit hours prerequisites (if needed)

The College of Education and Human Services also offers the Educational Specialist in school administration. The EdS in school administration is designed for those with a master of arts in a field other than school administration. This EdS program leads to initial principal certification. An interview is required for admission to this program.

This program leads to eligibility for initial principal certification and requires 21 credit hours of coursework at the 60000-level.

To receive the initial principal administration certificate in Missouri, students must:

  • Hold a valid professional initial teaching certificate.
  • Have had two years’ teaching experience.

Note: In Missouri, school counselor certificates, speech-language pathologist certificates, etc. are not considered initial teacher certificates. Students pursuing special education administration will be able to work as administrators in these fields but not as building principals unless the valid professional initial teaching certificate is also held, in addition to two years teaching experience. See the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for more information.


Prerequisite Coursework

3 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

EDT 50900Innovation Mindset


EDU 57000Educational Research


EDT 50900 added after publishing per January Addendum - 1/12/2023**

Major Coursework

27 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

EDA 50500Foundations of Education Administration


EDA 64500Statistics in Educational Administration


EDA 65000Specialist Project


EDA 68100Instructional and Curriculum Leadership in Culturally Responsive Schools


EDA 68200Managerial and Ethical Leadership


EDA 68300Relational Leadership and Community Outreach in Diverse Societies


EDA 68400Visionary and Innovative Leadership


EDA 68600Initial K-12 Field Experience and Data-Based Decision-Making


EDA 68700Culminating K-12 Field Experience