Health Sciences, MS Healthcare Administration Specialization

33 credit hours

Earn a Master of Science in health sciences with a healthcare administration specialization at Lindenwood University.

The graduate curriculum for the health sciences program with the healthcare administration specialization provides you with a strong scientific basis for seeking advanced degrees in the health sciences within the healthcare setting; such as clinical practice, hospitals, nursing homes, and the private sectors. Graduates will take core coursework in statistics and research methods as a foundation for their degree and four courses related to health care administration, including organizational behavior and public health perspectives.

The remaining curriculum is designed to provide you with an advanced combination of courses from areas related to public health, exercise physiology, fitness, nutrition, recreation, health promotion and business management based on your career interests.


Major Coursework

3 credit hours of coursework from the following option: 

HS 54000Research Methods


Statistical Analysis Coursework

3 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

HS 54200Statistical Analysis


IPC 54200Statistical Analysis


Extended Core Coursework

12 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

HCA 53000Human Resources in Healthcare


HCA 53200Issues in Public Healthcare Administration


HCA 55100Quality Improvement and Management in Healthcare Organizations


HCA 55200Strategic Management and Marketing in Healthcare Organizations


Elective Coursework

Thesis Route: 9 credit hours

Non-Thesis Route: 12 credit hours

Suggested electives based on chosen specialty area:

Health Behavior Management: EDU, HS, IPC

Business/management: ENTR, HRM, MGMT

Health Education: EDU, HS, IPC, PHS cross-listed

Therapeutic Recreation: EDU, HS, IPC

Additional electives with faculty advisor approval.

Culminating Experience Coursework

Thesis Option Coursework

6 credit hours of coursework from the following option:

HS 65000Thesis


Non-Thesis Option Coursework

3 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

HS 54100Internships


HS 55100Independent Study


Note: If a student selects HS 55100 as their Culminating Experience, they cannot also take it for additional elective credit.

Comprehensive Exam Coursework

Zero credit hour course required for completion of major.

HS 58100Comprehensive Examination