Any LCIE student who has not been enrolled in Lindenwood courses for one year (four successive quarters) or more and who wishes to resume his or her coursework must be readmitted to the university. The student must complete a new application for admission online or as a paper copy to be submitted to the Office of Evening and Graduate Admissions. (Students who were suspended at the time of departure from the university must also submit a letter of appeal to the Associate Provost.) After review of the application materials, the admissions office will update the student’s profile in preparation for the student’s return to the University. The student will then be directed to see his or her academic advisor to re-enroll in courses.

Notes: (1) Students applying for readmission are subject to the admission standards current at the time of application.

(2) Readmitted students will be subject to the degree requirements outlined in the academic catalog that is current at the time of readmission.