State Financial Aid

Several grants are available to Missouri residents who attend eligible institutions in the state of Missouri. Lindenwood University is an eligible institution.

(formerly the Charles Gallagher Student Financial Assistance Program)

The Access Missouri Financial Assistance program is a need-based grant available to eligible full-time Missouri resident undergraduate students. Please visit the Missouri Department of Education website at for a list of eligibility criteria.

The Missouri Higher Education Academic Scholarship program is available to Missouri residents who have a composite score on either the ACT or SAT tests that places them in the top three percent of all Missouri students taking those tests. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years for Missouri residents who enroll as full-time undergraduate students and maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA at an approved institution for the period of the scholarship. Lindenwood University is an approved eligible institution. Students will be notified by the Missouri Department of Higher Education as to their eligibility.

This program is available to eligible students who are enrolled part-time and who are employed for at least 20 hours a week. Students interested in this program should visit the Missouri Department of Education website at for eligibility criteria.

Vocational rehabilitation assistance may be available for students with disabilities. Students should contact their regional office of Vocational Rehabilitation in regard to benefits.

Lindenwood assists qualified students in obtaining financial assistance for their education through the various military funding sources. Missouri Army National Guard and Reserve Officer Training Corps members may be eligible for special financial incentives and entitlements such as Lindenwood ROTC GRANT, ARNG Federal Tuition Assistance, MOARNG State Tuition, Monthly Drill Pay, ROTC Stipend, Montgomery G.I. Bill, and Kicker. Information is available from the V.A. school certifying official.

Veterans who believe they may be eligible for benefits can receive information and applications through the V.A. Certifying Official at the University. Educational assistance is also provided to widows or children of veterans who died in service or as a result of service related injuries. Spouses and children of disabled veterans are also eligible for assistance.

It is the responsibility of the students to notify the V.A. Certifying Official of any changes in their class schedules. The Registrar’s Office promptly reports to the Veterans Administration when notified that a veteran is making unsatisfactory progress or has withdrawn from a class or from studies.

Because of requirements imposed by the Veterans’ Administration, and as a condition of being certified to receive benefits from the V.A., the student receiving such benefits acknowledges the following policies, which may differ from those required of other students at Lindenwood:

  • The University will notify the V.A. of all terminations, interruptions, or changes in semester-hour load within 30 days. This may change the benefits available to the student.
  • The student accepts the responsibility of notifying the Registrar, the V.A. Certifying Official at the University, and his/ her advisor immediately in case of withdrawal from any course.
  • The student accepts the responsibility of notifying his/ her instructors of any expected absence from class. A student may be withdrawn by the University for excessive absence.
  • The Veterans Administration will be informed that progress is no longer satisfactory with the accumulation of 12 or more hours of F grades.
  • Students receiving benefits through the Veterans’ Administration must comply with the University’s general policies regarding withdrawal, attendance, and satisfactory progress.

If you have any questions regarding Veteran’s Benefits, please call (636)-949-4105.