Historic Lindenwood

Amid the beautiful linden trees, Lindenwood University was founded in 1827 by innovative pioneering educators Mary Easton Sibley and Major George Sibley. They sought to establish an institution that reached across all fields of knowledge, teaching a solid academic core along with the balanced sense of self-worth that accompanies dedication to the larger community and the world–an institution that was always up-to-date and with the times in teaching both the breadth of the liberal arts and the attention to detail of the sciences, seeking to synthesize all knowledge in an effort to educate the whole person. Lindenwood University serves full- and part-time students of all ages with a wide variety of educational programs leading to baccalaureate and master’s degrees. This academic year, Lindenwood University will serve more than 17,000 full-time and part-time students. More than 4,000 of these students will live on the university’s beautifully wooded campus in St. Charles.