Lindenwood University System

The St. Charles, Missouri campus, located at 209 South Kingshighway in the heart of St. Charles is a 500-acre site and is the original campus founded by George and Mary Sibley in 1827. Historic buildings grace the tree-lined walks and house classrooms, administrative offices, and student residences.

The Belleville, Illinois campus of the Lindenwood University System is a full-service campus offering a wide range of traditional undergraduate degrees, as well as evening undergraduate and graduate programs. Within 15 miles of downtown St. Louis, LU-Belleville offers on-campus housing, intercollegiate athletics, campus dining, student activities, as well as modern educational facilities. Complete information on all academic programs at LU-Belleville may be found at

Note: Full-time day students who are admitted at either LU-St. Charles or LU-Belleville may enroll in classes at the other campus. However, they must also be concurrently enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours at their home campus.

  • The Daniel Boone Campus and Boonesfield Village are located on Highway F near Defiance, Mo., approximately 40 minutes from Lindenwood’s main campus. This historic landmark merged with Lindenwood University in 1998. The 1,000-acre Boone property, with its rich heritage and historic buildings and features, remains a popular St. Charles County tourist attraction. The historic site also serves as a “laboratory” where students can study a variety of hands-on programs, learning the values, culture, and history of the American frontier. Classes held at the site involve historic preservation, frontier crafts, interpretation, museology, archaeological digs, and recreation skills. The Boone Home also provides opportunities for students to conduct internships or practica at the Boone location and earn credit toward nearly any major, from accounting and marketing to theatre and education. Contact (636) 798-2005 for more information.
  • The Center for Nursing and Allied Health Sciences is the home of the School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. This facility consists of a 70,000 square foot classroom and laboratory building on approximately 28 acres. It is located at #1 Academy Place, Dardenne Prairie MO 63368. For more information please call 636-627-2932.
  • Located at the intersection of Elm Street and Kingshighway, the Elm Street location features three classrooms.
  • Lindenwood University Cultural Center (LUCC): Located at 400 N. Kingshighway, a few blocks from the main campus, the LUCC is the center for the Lindenwood College for Individualized Education. Classrooms, faculty offices, and a 600-seat auditorium, and the Student Counseling and Resource Center are among the building’s amenities. Contact (636) 949-4500 for more information.

In 1975, the Lindenwood College for Individualized Education (LCIE) was created to provide an accelerated program of study that enables students to make progress toward an undergraduate or graduate degree without relinquishing career and family obligations. The Lindenwood Evening College was established to meet the request for part-time education for those students unable to attend classes during the day. Classes are held on a quarterly basis. Many older adults who might not pursue higher education in a traditional setting find LCIE’s educational philosophy and flexible program an ideal learning environment in which to earn a degree or to pursue studies appropriate to personal learning goals. Since its inception, the evening format has maintained a deep commitment to meeting the intellectual and professional needs of adult learners with employment experience. The purpose continues to be to provide high-quality professional and personal competence. Using methods based on adult learning theory, the Lindenwood College for Individualized Education provides students with the techniques of scholarly inquiry. Through varied curricula and excellent teaching designed to meet a full range of adult student needs, the Lindenwood evening program realizes its mission within the university community.

LCIE is a program designed for the working adult. As such, it is assumed that classroom and campus behavior will reflect the professional demeanor that adults demonstrate in a work environment. The following guidelines are designed to remind students of appropriate behaviors expected in the classroom.

  1. Students are expected to give proper respect to faculty, staff members, and fellow students. Exchange of ideas is an integral component of learning, and participants must feel free to share ideas within the classroom setting.
  2. Appropriate language is expected. Language chosen to belittle another person or group or that could be considered hate speech will not be tolerated.
  3. In order to not misuse class time and to respect the privacy of class participants, individual grades will only be discussed before class, during breaks, or after class, at the discretion of the professor.
  4. All students are to be in the cluster on time and to stay for the entire cluster period.
  5. Cell phones and pagers should be turned off during class except for emergency services personnel on call. Text messaging distracts from classroom activity and will not be tolerated.
  6. Smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings and is restricted to specific smoking areas outside of the buildings.
  7. With the exception of computer lab courses, food in the classroom is allowed only with permission of the instructor. Students are expected to dispose of any trash that they generate during class.
  8. A hostile environment is not conducive to learning, and students who violate this code of conduct will be referred to the Dean of LCIE and/or the Provost and may be removed from the cluster and possibly from the University.