Withdrawal and Refund Calculation

In the event that a student wishes to withdraw from a course or courses or from the University altogether, the following conditions apply with respect to the refund of tuition charges.

    1. Any student who withdraws from the University prior to the beginning of a term is eligible for a refund of all payments for that term except the initial $300 housing deposit.
    2. Any student who withdraws from all of his or her courses after a term has begun is eligible for a refund of the tuition charges (including course-overload charges) for the courses he or she attended upon the start of the term. Refunds are granted according to the schedule below:

      Time of Withdrawal from University Tuition Refund
      Before first class meets 100%
      Before second class meets 75%
      Before third class meets 50%
      Before fourth class meets 25%
      After fourth class meets No refund
    3. Any part-time quarter student (enrolled in fewer than 9 credit hours) who withdraws from one or more courses once a term has begun is eligible for a refund of the tuition charges for those courses according to the schedule in the table above.

      Any student wishing to withdraw from Lindenwood University should submit a completed withdrawal form (with the signatures of the instructors for each of the courses the student attended and the signature of the student’s advisor) to the Academic Services Office, located in the lower level of Roemer Hall, between the hours of 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Fridays, or 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturdays.

      Notes: (1) Calculations of the return of Title IV aid for withdrawals occurring during the first two weeks of a term will be based on the last date of attendance for the term in which the student withdraws. Students who initiate a withdrawal from the University after the first two weeks of the term will be eligible for a refund of Title IV aid based on the date that the withdrawal form was submitted to Academic Services.

      (2) Any student who earns the grade of AF in all coursework within a term will be considered unofficially withdrawn for that and will be subject to a Title IV refund calculation. Based on this calculation a portion of Title IV aid may be unearned and required to be returned to the appropriate agency.

      (3) No refund for housing charges will be made for a term after the student signs either a New Student Housing Application or a Returning Student Housing Application. Application, activity, lab, miscellaneous fees, and room reservation deposits are nonrefundable, except as indicated under the Housing Deposit section of this catalog.

      (4) Board charges are pro-rated on a weekly basis from the date of withdrawal.