Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Note: Courses are listed alphabetically by department prefix.

Courses that can fulfill general education requirements include a designation in their course descriptions indicating the GE category the course can fulfill. The list of such designations and their meaning are listed in the table below.

GE-Eng – Satisfies the GE English Composition requirement

GE-CrsClt – Satisfies the GE Cross Cultural requirement

GE-Comm – Satisfies the GE Communications requirement

GE-ForLang – Satisfies the GE Foreign Language requirement

GE-Lit – Satisfies the GE English Literature requirement

GE-SocSci – Satisfies the GE Social Science requirement

GE-Phl-Rel – Satisfies the GE Philosophy/Religion requirement

GE-BioSci – Satisfies the GE Biological Science requirement

GE-Fine Art – Satisfies the GE Fine Art requirement

GE-EarthSci – Satisfies the GE Earth Science requirement

GE-AmGovHis – Satisfies the GE American Government/History Requirement

GE-PhysSci – Satisfies the GE Physical Science requirement

GE-WHis – Satisfies the GE World History requirement

GE-Math – Satisfies the GE Mathematics requirement

Note: Some courses can fulfill two different GE Requirements. However no student can use a single course to fulfill two different requirements.