Foreign Languages Department

Dr. Nancy Durbin, Chair

Program Descriptions

The Department of Foreign Languages offers a Bachelor of Arts in the following areas:

  • French
  • Spanish

The department offers minors in these areas:

  • French, Lindenwood University Campus
  • French, France Campus
  • Spanish, Lindenwood University Campus
  • Spanish, Costa Rica Campus
  • Spanish, Spain Campus

The department also offers courses in the German and Chinese languages.

All students majoring in French or Spanish will be required to complete some portion of their degree off campus. French majors must complete 18 hours of elective courses at the campus in Caen, France. Spanish majors will be required to complete 15 credit hours in Costa Rica or Spain.

All students majoring or minoring in French or Spanish must complete all courses beyond the 20200 level with a grade of C or better. In addition, students must have a 2.5 GPA in major coursework to graduate with the major.

All students participating in the semester abroad programs administered through the Department of Foreign Languages are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and the approval of the director of the program.

All students seeking a major or minor in French or Spanish must first demonstrate language proficiency through the Intermediate French II/Spanish II (FRE 20200/SPA 20200) level before they are allowed to continue in the major or minor. Proficiency can be demonstrated either through successful completion of proficiency examination, by successful completion of FRE 20200 or SPA 20200 (including all of its prerequisite courses), or by determination of the language faculty. In all cases, proficiency must be properly documented.