IBA 54150 Operations Management

This course will cover the basic concepts, practices, and techniques to design, analyze and manage the supply chains and to support operations management in manufacturing and service organizations. Course topics will include, product and service design, capacity management, facility location planning, process selection and facility layout, quality management and control, supplier management, logistics, demand management and forecasting, operations planning, inventory management, scheduling, and decision making concepts and tools. The focus will be on integrating management principles with analytical approaches and descriptive information to analyze and understand the operations and supply chain functions, and to excel in decision-making and quantitative problem-solving in the related fields. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to understand the role of supply chain and operations management in the global business environment, apply the concepts and practices of supply chain and operations management, and learn the basic analytical methodologies of operations management and apply the relevant techniques to address and solve problems encountered in the operations function of the organizations and in supply chains.