IIT 48100 Project Management in Information Technology

This course prepares students to implement the project management body of knowledge and prepare to perform project management functions. It is an introduction to the theory and applications of project cost and schedule estimating including life cycle cost, staffing profiles, GUI, and objects metrics, and cost by phase and activity, lines of code, and project risks. It is a course in the theory of project management involving planning, organizing, staffing, tracking, measurement, and evaluation. Topics include defining projects, developing networks, managing risk, scheduling resources; inter organizational relations, Agile methods and international projects. In addition, the student will learn the real-world implications of the technologies as they are actually used in the current technological climate. This course prepares the student to be a practitioner in the network field of Information Technology. This course is part of cluster; however, it will be taught in sequence.




Last cluster in IIT or ICS.