Preparing for Graduation

Students are responsible for tracking their own academic progress and eligibility for graduation. Specifically, in order to track the progress through a degree, each student must maintain a checklist of all requirements, including major and minor requirements, general education requirements, free electives, number of courses completed at or above the 30000-level, and total number of credit hours completed. The academic advisor will confirm that all degree requirements have been met; however, ultimate responsibility for tracking the student’s progress through a program and assuring that all degree requirements for graduation are met lies with the student. Only the provost and the registrar have the authority to certify that all requirements for graduation have been fulfilled and post a notification of degree completion on a student’s transcript.

In addition to tracking their own progress through academic programs, students must submit an Application for Degree. This form is available in the student portal to submit online to the advisor. The application must be signed by the student and the student’s academic advisor and be submitted to the Office of Academic Services. Failure to submit an application by the appropriate deadline may postpone the posting of the student’s degree.

The application deadlines are as follows:  

 Graduation  Application Deadline
 March  December 30 of previous year
 May  December 30 of previous year
 June  December 30 of previous year
 August  February 28 of the same year
 September  March 30 of the same year
 October  May 30 of the same year
 December  May 30 of the same year