IPC 61004 Adult Survivors of Trauma

This course builds on the students' counseling skills and teaches direct therapy work with individuals at an advanced level, with primary emphasis on assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of adults who have survived childhood trauma. The theories used in this course provide different models for understanding human behavior, as well as how to create and evaluate planned change. The theoretical models include psychodynamic/developmental, humanistic and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Each model offers knowledge and skills in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the individual. All areas of knowledge and skills are taught with attention to issues of cultural diversity and the legal-ethical issues encountered in clinical counseling practice. Particular focus is placed on applying principles of evidence-based practice in selecting interventions that have been shown in prior research to be efficacious and effective, and evaluating the effectiveness of these interventions in achieving planned treatment goals and objectives for individual clients.




IPC 55100 or IPC 55300.