NUR 51850 Practicum in Patient Care

This seminar/clinical course allows the student to obtain clinical proficiency to meet graduate nursing competencies. Building on the foundation of advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology, and health assessment, students will gain greater expertise and a broader view of the principles of managing nursing care of individuals, families and populations. Students have the opportunity to focus on a population of interest or a specific nursing role with the guidance of a preceptor and a faculty facilitator. Emphasis is placed on quality and safety, evidence-based practice, and teaching and learning in clinical settings, as well as system assessment and interventions skills. Students work with preceptors to strengthen their clinical knowledge and advanced nursing competencies. Course is repeatable.




All core (NUR 50000, NUR 50100, NUR 50200, & NUR 50300) and direct care courses (NUR 51040, NUR 51050, & NUR 51100).