Transferring International Graduate Credit

A student wishing to transfer up to nine semester hours of graduate level coursework from an international institution must bring to Lindenwood the following items and present them to his or her academic advisor to review:

  • An official WES* course-by-course evaluation of the international graduate level transcript showing the courses that the student wishes to transfer.
  • A translated copy of the course description and syllabus for each course that the student wishes to apply to transfer.
  • An official WES document evaluation of the international undergraduate transcript, confirming that a baccalaureate degree has been conferred.

Upon arrival to Lindenwood, the student should bring these items to his or her academic advisor. These items will be reviewed by the advisor and will be forwarded to the dean of the Plaster School of Business & Entrepreneurship for approval.

*For further information on WES, visit or the International Applications Procedures.