Instructional Leadership, EdD Emphasis Areas

48-57 credit hours

Andragogy focuses on the unique characteristics of adult learners. The andragogy emphasis is for those in positions educating adults rather than PK-12 students. This can include instruction in higher education settings, human resource personnel, private business, and healthcare, among others.

Curriculum & Instruction focuses on leadership in PK-12 programs and does not lead to certification. It is intended for those seeking to fill curriculum and instruction leadership roles in school districts, those intending to teach or hold an administrative role in higher education or those in a corporate or government training setting. 

Higher Education Administration focuses on the leadership and management of institutions in a higher education setting. This emphasis instructs students on concepts such as organizational structure, leadership theory, and student development. This can be for those wishing to be academic administrators such as deans or provosts, or non-academic administrators such as directors or vice presidents.

Requirements for all Emphasis Areas

Master's Level Requirements

The student must have completed the following courses to begin the Doctor of Education in Educational Administration or must complete them in the first two semesters of attendance:

EDA 53000Public and Community Relations


or similar Public Relations course

EDU 57000Educational Research


or similar Research course

Core Courses Required for Degree

EDA 70000Instructional Program Leadership and Assessment


EDA 71000Human Resource Administration


EDA 76500Administrative Decision-Making in Schools


Elective Courses

Student must take a minimum of four additional courses (12 credit hours) at the 70000-level.  

For a “with emphasis in andragogy,” four courses with prefix EDAA.  

For a “with emphasis in curriculum & instruction,” four courses including EDA 72500 Student Achievement Enhancement Techniques & EDA 73000 Instructional Program Improvement Strategies plus two other curriculum or instruction courses at the EDA 70000-level. 

For a “with emphasis in higher education,” four courses with a prefix of EDAH.

Course titles for EDA 72500 and EDA 73000 updated after publishing per the addendum. **

Internship Requirements

Students must complete three internship credit hours.

EDA 74800Instructional Leadership Internship


Research Requirements

Students must also complete eighteen research credit hours including twelve for completing the dissertation supported by the Capstone classes:

EDA 74500Statistics in Educational Administration


EDA 75000Capstone I


EDA 76700Quantitative Methods Design in Educational Research


EDA 76800Qualitative Methods in Educational Research


EDA 77000Capstone II


EDA 77500Capstone III and Leadership Seminar


EDA 78000Capstone Experience


Notes: (1) Courses are three credit hours unless otherwise indicated.

(2) EDA 78000: Students who have not completed their dissertation during the Capstone III course must enroll in EDA 78000 Capstone Experience each fall and spring semester until the dissertation is completed if they are receiving help from the professors or using the university computer or library systems.

(3) EDA 77500: Dissertation Publication Fee required.