Master of Arts in Education Model I: Add-on Advanced Certification

Model I programs are advanced programs for educators who have had experience in either elementary or secondary schools. The program is designed to enable the educator to extend his/her knowledge, skills, and understanding of the process of teaching and learning. Model I allows the graduate student, in accord with a faculty advisor, to design a portion of the program according to individual needs and career goals. Students admitted to Model I must hold a valid teaching certificate and be presently involved in an educational setting or have worked within one in the last three years. The program includes the four core courses required of all graduate students in education. In Model I, elective courses are selected from courses required for specialized certification or selected by the student in consultation with the advisor from existing graduate courses to meet state certification standards for application to the selected program.

Model I provides add-on certification after initial certification has been earned. A professional initial teaching certificate issued from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and two years of teaching experience is required*. A student may complete coursework required to be recommended and/or apply for Missouri DESE teacher certification. Application for certification in that emphasis area must be made directly to Missouri DESE. Students should send all transcripts to the Missouri DESE to determine the exact courses necessary for certification. The Lindenwood transcript of the completed advanced program degree acknowledges program completion in an "area of emphasis." Add-On Advanced certifications are offered in:

•     Mathematics Specialist Grades 1-6

•     Special Education K-12