Alexander, Robert (2016)

Assistant Professor of English

BA, DePauw University; MFA, University of South Florida

Anderson, Melissa (2016)

Assistant Professor of Biology

BS, Northeastern Illinois University; MS, PhD, University of Virginia

Boyles, Andrea  (2011)
Division Chair of Education and Social Sciences and Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 
BA, MA, Lincoln University; PhD, Kansas State University

Burden, Ted (2015)

Assistant Professor of Sports Management

BS, Med, Texas A&M University; PhD, University of Texas

Dadian-Smith, Derek (2014)

Assistant Professor of Communications
BS, University of Central Missouri; MFA, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Determann, Amy (2016)

Assistant Professor of Management

BS, Deaconess College of Nursing; MS, Lindenwood University; DMgt, Webster University

Drenkhahn, Sara (2014)
Assistant  Professor  of  Chemistry
BS, Bradley University; PhD, University of Missouri

Edgren, Justin (2014)
Assistant  Professor  of  Communications
BA, MFA, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Enyart, James (2015)

Assistant Professor of Biology

BS, MS, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville; BS, DC, Logan College of Chiropractic

Fahs,  Christopher  (2014)
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
BSc, University of Scranton; MS, University of Illinois; PhD, University of Oklahoma

Finger,  Richard (2011)
Division Chair of Sciences and Associate  Professor  of  Biology
BA, St. Louis University; MS, Iowa State University; PhD, St. Louis University

Frazier,  Daniel  (2011)
Associate  Professor  of  Business 
BA, Brown University; MA, Webster University; JD, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Gangloff,  Amy  (2012)
Associate  Professor  of  History
BA, Pennsylvania State University; MA, PhD, Stony Brook University

Glover-Orr, Laura (2018)
Visiting Faculty, Psychology
BA, University of Missouri-Columbia; PhD, University of Iowa

Glass, Alan (2016)

Visiting Faculty, Accounting

BA, BS, Washington University; MBA, University of Chicago

Jacobs,  Diana  (2011)
Professor  of  Psychology
BS, Coe College; MA, PhD, University of Notre Dame

Karimpour,  Rahim  G.  (2010)

Professor  of  Mathematics 
BA, University of Tehran; MS, Michigan State University; PhD, University of Oregon

Kubicek, Kenneth (2006)

Associate Professor of Counseling

BS, MS, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville; PhD, St. Louis University

Leahy,  Brendan  (2012)
Associate Dean of Academics and Assistant  Professor  of  Communications
BA, Columbia College; MFA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Mattocks, Kevin (2018)

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
BS, Slippery Rock University; MS, University of Pittsburgh; PhD, University of Mississippi
Mettler-Cherry,  Paige  (2004)
Professor  of  Biology
BA, McKendree University; MS, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville; PhD, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Odushkin, Taras (2013)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
MS, Lviv State University; MS, PhD, University of Texas at Dallas

Peabody, Megan (2015)

Division Chair of Humanities and Assistant Professor of English

BA, Western Michigan University; MA, Northern Illinois University; PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Porter, Renee (2007)

Associate Provost, Dean of Academics and Professor of Management

BS, University of Southern Mississippi; MBA, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville; PhD, Saint Louis University

Prunty,  Patricia  (2013)
Associate  Professor  of  Psychology
BA, University of Missouri-St. Louis; MA, University of Arkansas-Little Rock; PhD, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Rossow,  Lindy  (2014)
Assistant  Professor  of  Exercise Science
BS, MS, University of Illinois; PhD, University of Oklahoma

Sharp, Paul (2014)
Assistant Professor of Education
BA, BS, Indiana University; MA, EdS, Southeast Missouri State University; EdD, University of Missouri-Columbia

Shreve, Scott (2016)

Assistant Professor of Biology

BS, Miami University; MS, PhD, University of Illinois

Slone, Stephen (2015)

Instructor of Athletic Training

BS, Lindenwood University; MS, University of Central Arkansas

Stouffer, Meghan (2015)

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

BS, Gettysburg College; PhD, Washington University

Taylor,  Brooke  D.  (2011)
Associate  Professor  of  English  
BS, Columbia College; MA, PhD, Washington University

Trice, Thomas (2015)

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

BS, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; MA, DMgmt, Webster University

Tuju,  Sila  (2014)
Associate  Professor  of  Business
BA, Covenant College; MBA, University of Tennessee; PhD, Northcentral University

Van Hook, Laura (2018)

Visiting Faculty, Educational Leadership

BS, McKendree University; MA, EdD, Saint Louis University

Welsh,  Jennifer  (2014)
Assistant  Professor  of  History
BA, University of Richmond; MA, Cornell University; MA, PhD, Duke University 

Zlatic, Joe (2013)
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
BA, MA, PhD, St. Louis University