School of Sciences

Ricardo Delgado, PhD, Dean


The School of Sciences supports the mission of Lindenwood University by

  • Offering professional and pre-professional degree programs.
  • Aiding students in the development of skills and talents through independent research and internship opportunities.
  • Fostering adaptive thinking and problem-solving skills through the use of inquiry-based laboratory and field experiences.
  • Getting students involved in numerous projects and programs that benefit the community.
  • Offering general education courses that enable all students to connect science with their daily lives.

The School of Sciences is comprised of the following divisions and offers the following programs of study in each division:

Division of Biological and Earth Sciences

  • Biological Sciences, BA
  • Biological Sciences, BA 9-12 Secondary Education
  • Biological Sciences, BS
  • Biological Sciences, BS Cellular and Molecular Biology Emphasis
  • Biological Sciences, BS Ecology and Evolution Emphasis
  • Environmental Biology, BA
  • Biological Sciences Minor

Division of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Computer Information Systems, BA
  • Computer Science, BA
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Mathematics, BA
  • Mathematics, BA Actuarial Studies Emphasis
  • Mathematics, BA 9-12 Secondary Education
  • Mathematics, BS
  • Mathematics, BS Actuarial Studies Emphasis
  • Computer Science Minor
  • Financial Mathematics Minor
  • Mathematics Minor
  • Data Analysis Certificate

Division of Information Technology and Cybersecurity**

  • Cybersecurity, BS**
  • Information Technology, BS Applications Development Emphasis**
  • Information Technology, BS Networking Emphasis**

Division of Physical Sciences

  • Chemistry, BA
  • Chemistry, BA Forensics Emphasis
  • Chemistry, BA 9-12 Secondary Education
  • Chemistry, BS
  • Chemistry, BS 9-12 Secondary Education
  • Chemistry, BS Biochemistry Emphasis
  • Biochemistry Minor
  • Chemistry Minor
  • Engineering Physics Minor

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • Anthropology, BA Archaeology Emphasis
  • Anthropology, BA Cultural Anthropology Emphasis
  • Anthropology, BA Forensic Anthropology Emphasis
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice, BA
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice, BA Online
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice, BA Law Enforcement Academy Emphasis

  • Psychology, BA
  • Sociology, BA
  • Ancient World Cultures Minor
  • Anthropology Minor
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Minor
  • Psychology Minor
  • Sociology Minor

Updated after publishing -September addendum 09/26/2019**