EDU 52300 Practicum: Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties

This practicum course was designed to be completed in the candidate's home school under the supervision of a reading certified teacher. As per requirements from MO DESE, practicum hours are to be completed outside of teaching contract hours. This course provides the graduate student who is seeking certification in K-12 Special Reading with clinical experiences in the use of various diagnostic instruments and procedures of identifying types of reading difficulties. The student will be expected to administer, score and interpret basic tests and to write a diagnostic summary with recommendations for developing early literacy skills for young children. A diagnostic summary utilizing a case study approach of pre- and post-assessment information should be included, along with lesson plans and recommendations for parents, classroom teachers, and the school reading specialist. Offered during fall and spring semesters to allow for supervision in the candidate's home school by a certified reading teacher in the candidate's school, special arrangements may be made to complete this practicum during the Lindenwood Summer Reading Camp, e.g., those who teach in charter, private or parochial schools where there is not a certified special reading teacher to supervise on site. Only one three-hour practicum course may be taken in a semester.




EDU 30900 or EDU 50900; EDU 51500.


EDU 50900.