IPC 61002 Peer Helping Programs

This interactive class is for anyone who is interested in learning more about peer helping programs. Peer helping programs, found primarily but not only in school settings, train non-professionals (typically students) to provide a variety of supportive services to other peers. These services can include (but are not limited to) one-on-one support, tutoring, character education lessons, health education, leading small group discussions, working with classroom groups, conflict resolution and peer mediation, drug and alcohol prevention, assisting new students, mentoring disabled and non-English speaking students, service learning, community outreach and leadership training. This class will cover the historical perspective of the peer helping movement worldwide, research regarding the effectiveness of peer helping programs, program start-up, implementation and maintenance. Students will also experience modules for training peer helpers. Upon successful completion of this class, students will have met the training requirement component toward CPPE (certified peer program educator) certification through the National Peer Program Association.




18 hours of counseling coursework.