Business Administration, MBA

33-51 credit hours


Foundation courses (0-18 credit hours)

Core Courses (15 credit hours)

ACCT 51011Managerial Accounting


FIN 52010Financial Policy


MGMT 56030Management Practices


MGMT 66080Business Policies and Strategies


MRKT 55010Marketing Principles and Issues


One required quantitative course (3 credit hours)

(Selected course would not count towards a student's emphasis)

MGMT 56075Linear Statistical Models


MGMT 56080Business Analytics


MGMT 56085Operations Management


Notes: (1) MGMT 66080 is the capstone course, to be taken in the last term of the student’s program.

(2) In the event that taking a core course would require a student with an undergraduate degree in business to repeat coursework equivalent to that which the student has already taken, the school dean or the student’s academic advisor may advise the student to select an alternative, higher level elective course (from within the same discipline) to fulfill the core requirement.

(3) Required Core Courses: MBA students who have sufficient undergraduate course work in a discipline may be permitted to substitute an advance course within the stated discipline for a required core course.  An example would be: substituting ACCT 51030 Advance Cost Management for ACCT 51011 Managerial Accounting. Any substitution must be approved by the department chair and/or the dean of the specific discipline.

Electives (15 credit hours)

To earn an MBA, students must select five elective courses (15 credit hours) from one or more business disciplines. (Students seeking an area of emphasis must complete four elective courses from within one business discipline with a grade of B or better in each course and a fifth additional elective course. For areas of emphasis available, see the program description of the MBA with an Emphasis.)

Note: In the event that core courses have been replaced by higher-level elective courses (for students with undergraduate degrees in business), no such courses may simultaneously serve to fulfill the core requirement and the emphasis requirement. The student must still complete four courses within a single business discipline in order to earn an emphasis in that area.