Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing from Courses

Within the first week of a semester, a student may add or drop classes via the student portal without having to obtain the signature of a faculty member. Students may not add a course via the student portal after 5 p.m. on Friday of the first week of the term. Students may add a class during the second week of class only under extenuating circumstances and with signatures of the course professor, dean of the appropriate school, and the registrar. A Petition for Policy Exemption is required in addition to a drop/add/enrollment form to add a course after the deadline.

Within the first week of a term, a student may drop classes via the student portal without having to obtain the signature of a faculty member. No grade of W will appear on the student’s transcript as a result of dropping classes during this week, and the classes will be dropped as a “never attended”.

To withdraw from a course with a grade of W, students must complete, sign, and submit a withdrawal form before the last day to withdraw with a W, with the signature of the academic advisor, and, if the student has attended the course at least once, the signature of the instructor of the course. Students wishing to withdraw from the university altogether must obtain the signatures of the instructors for each course they wish to drop. The deadline to withdraw is set at the two-thirds mark of the term.

Late withdrawals will be approved only under extreme, documented circumstances. A late withdrawal requested due to a low grade in the class, lack of interest in the subject matter, a different learning style from that of the classroom professor, or a change of major/requirements will not be granted.

If a student believes that extraordinary circumstances require withdrawing from a class after the deadline, the student must complete the following steps:

    • Write a letter fully specifying the reasons for the withdrawal.
    • Gather supporting documentation (physical report, court documents, hospital documents, etc.).
    • Meet with the academic advisor for a signature on a Petition for Late Withdrawal.
    • Meet with the dean of the school for a signature on the petition.
    • Submit the signed petition, along with the letter and documentation, to the associate provost or registrar. 
    • If approved for a late withdrawal, the student will receive a W.

    Notes: (1) Students are not permitted to withdraw from a course to attend another course if the second course has already had two class meetings.

    (2) A student who is a first responder may elect to withdraw from a course with a grade of W at any time during the semester if documentation is provided verifying that the student’s first responder duties were the cause of absences exceeding the number of allowable excused absences. This policy applies to academic withdrawal only.

    (3) Calculation of the return of Title IV aid will be based on the last date of attendance for the term.  This may result in a balance due to the university for which the student will be responsible.

    (4) Petition for Late Withdrawal may be denied based on implications of the financial aid cycle.