Appealing Grades

Students who wish to appeal a final grade must first contact the course instructor. If the matter cannot be resolved through the instructor, the student may appeal in writing to the appropriate school dean. If resolution is not reached at that time, the student may appeal in writing to the associate provost. An Academic Grievance Committee may be convened to review a grade appeal before a recommendation is made to the provost for review.

Information concerning these procedures is available through the Associate Provost’s Office. Notice of intent to file a grade appeal must be made in writing to the appropriate school dean or associate provost within six weeks of receipt of the grade. Changes under this procedure will be made only during the term immediately following the term in which the disputed grade was given.

Lindenwood University shares information from students’ formal written complaints with the Higher Learning Commission as part of its normal accrediting process. This information is shared in such a manner as to shield all individual identities of complainants. No letters or documents revealing the identities of individual complainants will be shared without the express written permission of the complainants.