Withdrawal (W)

A grade of W indicates that the student withdrew from a class with no effect to the student’s GPA. To withdraw from a course with a grade of W, students must complete, sign, and submit a withdrawal form before the last day to withdraw with a W, with the signature of the academic advisor, and, if the student has attended the course at least once, the signature of the instructor of the course. Students wishing to withdraw from the university altogether must obtain the signatures of the instructors for each course from which they wish to withdraw. The deadline to withdraw is set at the two-thirds mark of the term.

The only circumstance in which the student will not be charged for a course is if the student never attends a class session. If the student attends one class session or more, he or she will be charged a determined percentage of the course’s tuition cost. The percentage applied to the student’s account depends on how many classes the student attends and the withdrawal date. For further information, please contact either the Student Financial Services or the Office of Academic Services.

Note: A student who is a first responder may elect to withdraw from a course with a grade of W at any time during the term if documentation is provided verifying that the student’s first responder duties were the cause of absences exceeding the number of allowable excused absences. This policy applies to academic withdrawal only.