CCJ 22500 Comparative Crime and Justice Studies

GE-Human Culture: Foreign Culture/Human Diversity This course introduces students to contemporary issues relevant to crime and the operation of criminal justice systems around the world. Topics may include but are not limited to: comparisons of International crime data and models of justice at each level of the criminal justice system, Transnational Crime and Justice issues, Global Criminology, Human, Arms and Drug Trafficking across borders, Violence against women and The International Criminal Court. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of diverse people and cultures outside of the United States in a framework that broadens their understanding and appreciation of divergent perspectives regarding crime and justice. Cross-cultural analyses will facilitate critical thinking regarding race, gender and class structures, globalization challenges, and strengths and weakness of various systems, including the one wherein they reside. Offered regularly. Intermittently offered with or without a travel component. Lab fee required with travel.