EDU 30910 Instructional Strategies, Techniques and Analysis of Literacy with Practicum

This course is designed to teach teacher candidates the diagnostic/prescriptive process necessary to deal with readers at various developmental levels in the classroom. Candidates learn to use and analyze a variety of informal and standardized diagnostic reading tests appropriate for individual and group diagnosis. Candidates also learn to use commercial and teacher-made materials in conjunction with basal readers to provide appropriate instruction. This course provides the Candidate with clinical experiences in the use of diagnostic instruments and procedures for identifying types of reading difficulties. The candidate will complete his/her practicum in an elementary school setting or in a summer reading camp program taught and supervised by a Lindenwood professor. The student will be expected to administer, score, and interpret basic tests and to write case study reports. This course includes a 45 hour practicum. Only one practicum course may be taken in a semester.




EDU 21501; EDU 30500.