ENGL 20104 World Literature: Rebels and Robots, Technology and Freedom

GE-Human Culture: Literature/Human Diversity You might have heard this before: the road to hell is paved but to get to heaven, you’ll have to walk. In this course, you will read great literature from around the world about the pros and cons of modern progress. You will read enthusiasts who celebrate humanity’s drive to explore the limits of our capabilities. You will also read pessimists who ask, “If we hand our freedom over to our gadgets or over to our governments, what will we have left?” The deepest questions of modern life show up in texts like Milton’s Paradise Lost, Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Roberto Bolaño’s By Night in Chile. In its utopian visionaries and its nightmares out of Kafka, this course will introduce you to writers writing about all your possible futures.




ENGL 15000 or EPP 15000 with a C or better.