ENGL 20106 World Literature: Faith, War, Travel, Memory, Love

GE-Human Culture: Literature/Human Diversity In this course we focus on five themes that appear commonly in human civilization and the literatures it produces across societies, times, and geographic regions: faith, war, journeying and traveling, memory and commemoration, and love. This course is designed specifically to offer you the opportunity to consider the differences between and also, and perhaps more importantly, the fundamental similarities among people of various races, ethnicities, and cultures around the world. This class is especially helpful to students interested in global, diverse, intercultural relations and contexts, and students who intend to go into international careers such as business, law, and teaching will find it especially helpful in giving them a foundational understanding of how historical texts provide the foundation for modern cultural and socio-political realities.




ENGL 15000 or EPP 15000 with a C or better.