ENGL 20107 World Literature: Heroes in Crisis

GE-Human Culture: Literature/Human Diversity Have you ever asked yourself these questions: Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life? Do I really have any satisfactory choices? Why don’t my parents, siblings, or friends understand and support me? Have I been the son, daughter, sibling, or spouse I should be? In this course, you will explore the crisis Prince Hamlet wrestles with as well as that of the affluent yet desperately unhappy Norwegian woman Hedda Gabler, examine why Kafka would create a doting son and brother who transforms into a huge bug, meet the both tragic and comic men and women stumbling head on into the cataclysmic 1917 Russian Revolution, and encounter American slave Frederick Douglass’s success story of actualization and freedom against all odds. These experiences and more await you!




ENGL 15000 or EPP 15000 with a C or better.