ENGL 23502 American Literature: Family and Dysfunction

GE-Human Culture: Literature Have you ever wondered why reality television is so compelling for audiences and what are its influences? You will study the pioneers of realism, specifically Twain’s survivor of parental abuse Huck Finn. With other diverse voices including Wharton, Hurston, Miller, Baldwin, Wilson, and Morrison, you will also encounter marriages and parent/child relationships strained by suffocating misogyny or material desire fueled by the American Dream unrealized for those characters battling racism, nativism, and classism. You will also enjoy the success of those who struggle against societal pressures and triumph in American settings that provide nurture. In short, you will see American families defining America because of -- and in spite of -- all that America provides or obstructs.




ENGL 15000 or EPP 15000 with a C or better.