ENGL 23900 Faulkner: Southern Belles and Racism

GE-Human Culture: Literature If you want to better understand the world’s yesterday, today, and tomorrow, a study of American Southern writer Faulkner is a good place to start. His experimental and ground-breaking writing style and unwavering investigation of all that can be found in the human heart will challenge you and expand your mind. Characters you’ll meet include a thirteen-year-old white boy and his black slave companion, a Southern Belle coed kidnapped by a gangster, a rebellious high school girl living in a house with ghosts of the past, a mixed-race young man struggling with whether to identify as white or black, a family’s reckoning with their mother’s death in both comic and tragic ways, and a teenage boy who knows and must prove an elderly black man innocent of murder.




ENGL 15000 or EPP 15000 with a C or better.