ENGL 34101 London in the Eighteenth Century

GE-Human Culture: Literature Over the course of the eighteenth century, London rose to become the important global metropolis that it remains today. In this course, we will examine how London rose to such prominence so swiftly. We will read the varied and vibrant literature produced in this century, including novels (developed and popularized during this period), plays (including the racy “Cavalier” drama), and poems (from serious meditations on England’s troubles to satirical attacks on its foibles). These great works of literature can teach us about the historical processes—political revolutions and dynastic struggles; imperial expansion, civil war, and unification; Enlightenment ideology and religious conflict; and urbanization and capitalist economics—that built London into the city that continues to hold great power around the globe and in our imaginations.




ENGL 17000 with a C or better.