NPA 35200 Management and Human Resource Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

Management methods and human resources practices are applied in the specialized settings of nonprofit organizations in this course. Topics include management of agency staff, volunteers, and client services; program planning and service delivery; and public relations and marketing; trends in national and international philanthropy; the significance of nonprofit and cross-sector partnerships; and understanding the importance of advocacy and lobbying in the nonprofit sector; as well as developing services that effectively respond to diversity in the community. The course also presents effective techniques for supervision and problem solving through the application of human resource management procedures as they nonprofit sectors. Students will explore human resource management from recruitment to selection of personnel, performance evaluation, compensation and benefits, and training and development issues for staff and volunteers. Special emphasis will be placed on the handling of grievances, diversity, discrimination, harassment, and selection and placement issues as they pertain to staff and volunteers.




ENGL 17000 with a C or better; NPA 20001, MGMT 26032 or junior standing.