UNIV 18203 Developing and Practicing Professional Presence

This course provides the opportunity for students to learn and apply communication concepts that are crucial to career development and success. Employers need people who have self-awareness and can effectively speak, write, present ideas, connect with others, and receive feedback. Students in this course will improve these skills by learning to analyze and adapt to various communication contexts, develop their professional presence, and practice enacting it in several career-focused assignments. This course will require regular readings, short weekly assignments that may be completed in written, video-recorded, or conference call format (e.g., self-reflections, job analysis, personal brand statement) as well as longer assignments tailored to their career goals, like resume and cover letter writing. Assignments will require students to conduct themselves as if they are operating in a professional context; this is especially true of simulations, which will consist of a mock interview, a mock meeting that includes an idea pitch, and a mock performance evaluation (each accomplished via video conferencing or phone).