Plaster School of Business and Entrepreneurship

Roger Ellis, JD, Dean


Set forth below, the mission of the ACBSP-accredited Plaster School of Business & Entrepreneurship complements and expands upon the Lindenwood University mission statement. In furtherance of the University’s mission, the Plaster School of Business & Entrepreneurship is committed to:

  • Providing a comprehensive core curriculum of business subjects.
  • Instilling a strong and enduring sense of ethical business practices.
  • Providing theoretical tools and analytical skills for lifelong use.
  • Developing the student’s communication and presentation skills.
  • Offering major fields of study to equip students for specialized careers.
  • Providing opportunities to supplement classroom education with real world experience.
  • Expanding the student’s geographical and cultural horizons for success in an increasingly global economy.
  • Instilling the entrepreneurial model as an essential component of American free enterprise.
  • Fostering the scholarship of teaching, application, integration, and discovery among its students and faculty, as appropriate.

The Plaster School of Business & Entrepreneurship is comprised of the following departments and offers the following degree programs of study and minors in each department:

Accounting Department

  • Accounting, BA
  • Accounting, BA Online
  • Accounting, BS
  • Accounting, BS Online
  • Accounting Minor
  • Accounting Minor Online

Business Administration Department

  • Business Administration, BA
  • Business Administration, BA Online
  • Business Administration, BS
  • Business Administration, BS Online
  • Business Administration Minor
  • Business Administration Minor Online

Economics Department

  • Business Economics, BA
  • Business Economics, BS
  • Economics Minor

Entrepreneurial Studies Department

  • Entrepreneurial Studies, BA
  • Entrepreneurial Studies, BS
  • Entrepreneurial Studies Minor

Finance Department

  • Finance, BA
  • Finance, BA Online
  • Finance, BS
  • Finance, BS Online
  • Finance Minor
  • Finance Minor Online

Health Management Department

  • Health Management, BS
  • Health Management, BS Online
  • Health Management Minor
  • Health Management Minor Online
  • Gerontology Minor
  • Gerontology Minor Online

Human Resource Management Department

  • Human Resource Management, BA
  • Human Resource Management, BA Online
  • Human Resource Management Minor
  • Human Resource Management Minor Online

International Business Department

  • International Business Minor

Management Department

  • Management, BA
  • Management, BA Online
  • Management, BS
  • Management, BS Online
  • Management Minor
  • Management Minor Online
  • Supply Chain Management Minor

Marketing Department

  • Marketing, BA
  • Marketing, BA Online
  • Marketing, BS
  • Marketing, BS Online
  • Marketing Minor
  • Marketing Minor Online
  • Marketing Certificate

Nonprofit Administration Department

  • Nonprofit Administration Minor

Sport Management Department

  • Sport Management, BA
  • Sport Management, BA Online
  • Sport Management Minor
  • Sport Management Minor Online