School of Humanities

Kathi Vosevich, PhD, Dean

Mission: Preparing for Every Future

The School of Humanities at Lindenwood University prepares students for every future by providing them with the experience they need to succeed in their careers and their lives.


High-impact teaching – Focusing on mentoring relationships through small class sizes and emphasis on advising. Internships, study abroad opportunities, and other forms of hands-on learning offer valuable professional and life experiences.

21st-Century skills – Teaching students to read carefully, think critically, and communicate clearly, skills that never go out of fashion – and cannot be replicated by robots! Courses enrich technological abilities with the lessons of human experience.

Life-long learning – Nurturing students’ curiosity about the world and enhancing their abilities to learn independently. Courses make students into the intellectually flexible problem solvers that employers want.

Human connections – Helping students develop empathy, embrace diversity, and recognize the common human experience across space, time, culture, and language

The School of Humanities offers majors, minors, and certificates in the following areas:

American Studies

  • American Studies Minor


  • English, BA
  • English, BA Creative Writing Emphasis
  • Creative Writing Minor
  • English Minor
  • Writing and Professional Communication Minor
  • Executive Writing Certificate
  • English Preparedness

Foreign Languages

  • Spanish, BA
  • Spanish Minor
  • Spanish Certificate

Gender Studies

  • Gender Studies Minor


  • Geography Minor
  • Geographic Information Systems Certificate


  • History, BA
  • History Minor
  • Public History Minor
  • Social Studies Minor

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Interdisciplinary Studies, BA
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, BA Online

International Relations

  • International Relations, BA
  • International Relations, BA Asian Studies Emphasis
  • International Relations, BA Asian Studies Emphasis Online
  • International Relations, BA Security Studies Emphasis
  • Asian Studies Minor
  • International Relations Minor
  • Intercultural Fluency Certificate

Philosophy & Religion

  • Philosophy & Religion, BA
  • Philosophy & Religion, BA Philosophy Emphasis
  • Philosophy & Religion, BA Religion Emphasis
  • Catholic Studies Minor
  • Critical Thinking Minor
  • Ethical Reasoning Minor
  • Philosophy Minor
  • Religion Minor

Political Science

  • Political Science, BA
  • Political Science, BA Pre-Law Emphasis
  • Political Science Minor
  • Public Administration Minor