Spanish Certificate

15 credit hours

Only degree-seeking Lindenwood undergraduate students are eligible to earn this career certificate.

The Certificate in Spanish will allow students to gain the necessary skills to successfully communicate in Spanish at the Intermediate-Advanced level. After completing the required coursework and culminating learning experience, students will be able to effectively communicate, in speaking and writing, with the majority of Spanish-speaking individuals that they may encounter in their professional lives (i.e. patients, clients, students, coworkers, business associates, etc.) While all courses include some element of culture, these courses focus on developing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in addition to cultural awareness and sensitivity. This certificate is only available to students starting at SPA 10100 or SPA 10200, and students placing into SPA 10200 must take a further three-credit-hours in SPA beyond the courses completed in satisfaction of the below requirements.


Students must take four courses from the language sequence (12 credit hours):

SPA 10100Elementary Spanish I


SPA 10200Elementary Spanish II


SPA 20100Intermediate Spanish I


SPA 20200Intermediate Spanish II


SPA 30500Advanced Spanish Language


Students must complete one of the following culminating learning experiences (three credit hours):

SPA 36000Spanish Internship I



One course from the following options during Summer Study Abroad:

SPA 32100Practical Oral/Written Expression


SPA 32101Advanced Spanish Grammar