The Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences also offers programs in pre-engineering, such that students can take the first two or three years of their program at Lindenwood and complete the remainder of their degree in their chosen engineering specialty at an affiliated university. Depending on the program, the student can either obtain a single degree in engineering or two degrees: one from Lindenwood in his or her major and an engineering degree from the affiliated university. Engineering programs typically require completion of a certain core of courses in mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry and engineering. Since the specific core course requirement depends upon the engineering specialty and the engineering degree desired from the transfer university, each pre-engineering student should contact a Lindenwood Liaison Officer for Engineering as an advisor so that the student will be on track for his or her program. Note that any student intending to finish at Lindenwood in the given number of years must be prepared to take Calculus I during the first semester.