Counseling, MA School Psychological Examiner Certification

27 credit hours

Students seeking certification as a school psychological examiner must hold a master’s degree from a college or university meeting approval of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in one of the following areas: counseling, education, educational psychology, or psychology. In addition, students seeking school psychological examiner certification must hold some form of prior teacher certification (i.e., teacher, school counselor, etc.).


Major Coursework

27 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

EDU 50200Psychology of Teaching and Learning


EDU 54100Education of the Exceptional Child


IPC 52100Human Growth and Development


IPC 52300Adjustment and Learning Issues in Children and Adolescents


IPC 54200Statistical Analysis


IPC 58100Appraisal of the Individual


IPC 62500Individual Intelligence Testing


IPC 62600Individual Diagnostic Assessment


IPC 62700Internship in Diagnostic Assessment


IPC 62500, IPC 62600, and IPC 62700 are residency requirements. See more information in section Residency Requirements.

Internship Requirements

IPC 62701Internship in Diagnostic Assessment Extension


The Internship in Diagnostic Assessment (IPC 62701) consists of 150 hours of supervised field experience. All internships must be in K-12 settings under the supervision of a certified school psychological examiner. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA in order to begin their internship. Students are expected to earn a grade of A or B in Internship in Diagnostic Assessment (IPC 62700). Students will be required to repeat the course if they earn less than a B. If students take an incomplete in IPC 62700, regardless of how many hours are needed, they must enroll in IPC 62701 for zero credit hours to allow them to attend internship classes while completing the required hours. A fee of $50 will be incurred for each extension.

Exit Requirements

In order to fulfill exit requirements, each student will purchase and compile an electronic portfolio demonstrating competencies as delineated by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, to be completed by the end of Internship in Diagnostic Assessment. Further information regarding exit requirements is provided in the School Psychological Examiner Program Handbook.

Residency Requirements

Students who earned their master of arts in psychology, educational psychology, counseling, or education at an approved college or university other than Lindenwood University and who desire the Lindenwood University certification officer to recommend them for certification as a school psychological examiner must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of graduate coursework at Lindenwood University.