EDA 77800 Applied Qualitative Research Methods

This course focuses on learning about and applying qualitative research methods used in educational research. This includes considerations of research question, project design, approaches to data collection, issues ethics, forms of analysis, including critical forms of analysis, representing participants in the write-up, and issues of trustworthiness and transferability. Qualitative methods for data collection include (a) survey, (b) questionnaire (c) focus groups, and (d) interviewing, in addition to (e) forms of analysis of texts and historical documents. Qualitative approaches, which frequently incorporate 2 or more of these methods, include (i) case studies, (ii) program evaluation, (iii) micro-ethnographies, and (iv) forms of action research. Note: Students planning to use qualitative methods in their doctoral research are encouraged to take this course to learn the necessary techniques for conducting and analyzing these kinds of research.