EDA 78100 Creative Courage

Creativity is an essential attribute of innovative leaders. However, exercising creativity requires leaders to take risks. “Creative Courage” is a deeply reflective course that helps EdD students explore personal attributes of creativity, vulnerability, risk-taking, grit, and courage and how these are integral facets of an innovative leadership mindset. Through this course, students will begin to make connections with the first stage of Designing Thinking, i.e. “Empathy”, by developing a closer understanding of themselves as creative and courageous leaders. Drawing on traditional and contemporary literature, students will apply concepts and theoretical frameworks related to professional creativity and courageous leadership to their own practice. Through personal reflective writing, case study analysis, dialogue with colleagues, and story-telling, students will develop a stronger identity as a change maker within their professional context, and, in an iterative spirit, they will begin to consider their ‘problem of practice’ through a news lens of creative courage. This work will inform the students’ Year 1 Assessment, i.e. the Point of View Paper, by giving students insights into their own perspectives and how these beliefs influence their leadership behavior.