EDU 50999 Practicum: Analysis and Correction of Reading Difficulties

This practicum course is designed for MAT teacher candidates who are working on their initial teaching certificate. This course provides the teacher candidate with clinical experiences in the use of various diagnostic instruments and procedures for identifying types of reading difficulties. The teacher candidate will complete the practicum in an elementary school setting or in a summer reading camp program taught and supervised by a Lindenwood professor. The teacher candidate will be expected to administer, score, and interpret basic assessments and to write case study reports. Teacher candidates enrolled in this course will complete a progress monitoring project. Teacher candidates will analyze pre- and post-data as well as use progress-monitoring and present a graphic representation of student/s growth during the practicum. This project will be presented in class. The teacher candidate will be required to provide evidence of enrollment in 50900 or past successful completion of EDU 50900Note: Only one practicum course may be taken in a semester.




EDU 50300; EDU 51500.


EDU 50900.