EDU 52210 Elementary Teaching and Technology

This course will allow teacher candidates to examine the specific techniques and procedures for effective teaching at the elementary level. Teacher candidates will examine what is required to design and prepare logical, engaging, and rigorous lessons that meet the needs of all learners. This course will explore various approaches for planning lessons including the direct teaching and co-teaching models. Teacher candidates will apply Bloom's Taxonomy as related to lesson plan objectives and assessments in planned lessons. The technology examined will review and/or introduce use of instructional technologies as teaching tools, including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Smart Board, and smart phone and tablet applications. Students will focus on the use of technology integration in instruction and lesson design and will be assigned several technology-driven assignments to demonstrate understanding instructional technology. The instructor will demonstrate various technology tools. Students will be strongly encouraged to obtain level 1 Google Certification in this course and will be provided information and access to the training.