EDU 58110 LindenTeach Internship

This course was designed to supplement the teaching experience in regional partner districts. Teacher candidates will engage in supervised, professional field experiences and will utilize reflective practices to improve their teaching. The course will support the development of the professional knowledge, skills and disposition of the teacher candidate. This course consists of observations, individual conferences, and supervised teaching experiences in an early childhood, elementary middle and/or secondary school setting while enrolled in a LindenTeach seminar course. The course provides candidates with the opportunity to experience the role of a substitute-teacher in a real school setting. Candidates will utilize researched based instructional strategies while teaching. Candidates will be responsible for maintaining a well-managed, positive learning environment for PK-12 students, and will develop and implement lesson plans that adhere to the Missouri Educator Evaluation System standards and expectations. Teacher candidates enrolled in this program must meet all of the requirements as listed in the application, and must be accepted into the LindenTeach program in order to take this course. The teacher candidate is responsible for arranging and paying the expense of transportation to and from the assigned school for this experience. Teacher candidates must participate in a pre-teaching experience prior to the official start of the university semester for this program. Please see the Lindenwood College of Education and Human Services website for complete information on the LindenTeach application process. This course is repeatable for credit for a maximum of six credit hours.




EDU 51500.