EDU 58910 Middle School Philosophy, Curriculum, and Instruction

This course examines the philosophy of middle school model and its implications on organization and curriculum of middle school settings. Students will explore the many aspects of effectively educating diverse middle school students, focusing especially on positive teacher-student relationships. Students will also learn instructional strategies and programs best suited for middle school students. Students will explore development of middle level learners and will determine effective instructional and affective curriculum goals for these diverse learners. Students will examine societal influences and their effects on the middle school model. Students will research and determine professional opportunities for growth as a middle level educator. Students will actively participate in a chosen professional opportunity. This course requires a 20-hour practicum in a middle school setting. The student will use data from the host school to create and teach a lesson and self-assess the presentation of this lesson in their practicum setting.




EDU 51500; EDU 52110.