IPC 62499 Field Placement Post-Program K-12 Certification

Students who already have K-8 or 7-12 certification and are seeking K-12 certification/licensure complete 100 additional hours in a grade level building different from their prior Field Placement experiences; or the minimum number of hours required for K-12 certification/licensure. This three-hour course provides the student with understanding, knowledge and skills related to the function and role of the effective K-12 School Counselor. Each student will spend a minimum of 60 direct hours, of which 15 must be spent in small group or classroom counseling lessons. During the semester, students will participate in the activities of a K-12 school counselor, under the guidance of the professor and an active school counselor. Advance approval from a Faculty Advisor is required for registration. Lab fee may be required.




IPC 55300; IPC 56100; IPC 56200; IPC 57500; IPC 58200; 3.0 GPA; permission of dean.